Balboa is a type of swing dancing from Southern California.


In the 1920s and 1930s dancers in Harlem, New York were dancing Lindy Hop. At the same time, and to the same swingin' jazz music, dancers on the Pacific coast were dancing Balboa.


The beach ballrooms in California were so crowded that dancers had to use smaller-scale movement to fit onto the packed dance floors. And Balboa is the result!


Known as “the dancer’s dance,” Balboa is rich in detail. It is elegant, upright, and features a close connection and lots of fancy footwork. It is perfect for dancing to blazing-fast tempos without breaking a sweat. 

You'll find Balboa around the world today. It's the subculture of the swing dance subculture! 

Check out some videos of Balboa here.  

Balboa Classes

Do people keep asking you, “Do you Bal?” when you are out social dancing? Wish you could say, “Yes!”? 


We offer 4 levels of Balboa classes so you can say a great big YES next time you are asked. See our class descriptions below. 

Classes run in 6-week seasons. Visit our Weekly Group Classes page to see what levels are currently being offered and to register. 

Balboa 0 - Beginner Balboa is only offered periodically. So if you see it on the schedule–don't wait! 


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