Beginner Swing Dance Classes in Toronto!

Dear students, 

In light of COVID-19 our studio is closed until further notice. In-person classes are canceled. 

Beginner Lindy Hop classes are on hold until the studio re-opens. 

If you would like to dance in the meantime you can take our online Solo Jazz 101 course. It is suitable for you as a beginner and it's a lot of fun!

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Hoping to dance with you all again in-person very soon!

Stay healthy & stay safe. 

The LHR Team

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Your Beginner Class

+ Your 'SWING 0' Beginner Class is 6 weeks long.

+ You get 1 Hour of Class + .5 Hour of Guided Practice Every Week!

+ No dance background or previous experience required! We teach adults who are complete beginners!

+ No need to bring a partner!

You will rotate partners often in class and make lots of new friends!

+ Small class sizes with a maximum of 8 pairs
so you get personal attention!

+ Recap videos recorded after every class so you can practice at home!

+ Teaching swing dance is our passion and we LOVE seeing how it positively changes people's lives!

+ Plus you get some other pretty great benefits: 

8 Powerful Ways Swing Dancing Can Improve Your Life

+ For even more details check out our blog post:

How To Nail Your First Swing Dance Class

What is Swing Dancing?

Swing dancing is an energetic partnered dance from the 1930s & 1940s. We teach the quintessential swing dance from this era - the LINDY HOP! Lindy Hop was born in the African-American communities in Harlem, New York in 1928 and danced to the hot swinging jazz music of the day. It developed out of the Charleston and other dances of the 1920’s. The joy and playfulness of this partner dance have endured and it is still danced around the world today!

It is an incredibly social dance and you typically dance each song with a new partner! 

A Video of Our Studio

Lindy Hop Revolution