Swing Dance Community

When you learn to swing dance you join a vibrant community. Not just in Toronto, but around the world! 

It's a social subculture that attracts smart, open-minded people. 

Below are links to help you explore this community! 

Greater Lindy Hop & Swing Dance Community Events

One of the best things about Swing Dancing is you can find it in almost every major city center around the world. When you travel it is easy to stop in to a weekly social most places you if you do a little research in advance. We LOVE when dancers from other cities come social dancing in Toronto while they are in town! There are also many wonderful special events you can visit around the world! We can't list all of them here, but here are a few of our favourites we have been too!

Swing Out New Hampshire - www.swingoutnh.com

Hebron, NH (Labour Day Weekend) - Hundreds of friendly, enthusiastic dancers come together in a traditional summer camp setting to learn from many of the best dance teachers in the world, dance to exciting live bands and DJs, and have fun!

Herrang Dance Camp - www.herrang.com

Herräng, Sweden (July) - The world's most comprehensive and exciting swing dance festival focusing on vernacular American dances from the Golden Age of Jazz. The event, which started back in 1982, runs for 5 weeks in July with classes all day and dancing all night, every single day. Dancers from countries around the world come to this event every summer! 

All Balboa Weekend - www.allbalboa.com

Independence, OH (June) - The biggest Balboa event in the world! Over 3 days and 4 nights the event honours the creators, innovators, technicians, mentors, cheerleaders, and enthusiasts of Balboa. Over 10,000 square feet of dance floor in a beautiful hotel so that participants may maximize both their dance time and downtime. Instruction from some of the very best Balboa teachers in the world and social dances with some of the best bands in the US!

Stompology - www.stompology.com

Rochester, NY (June) - A dance weekend event devoted entirely to authentic jazz, Charleston, and solo movement.

Rhythm Shuffle - www.rhythmshuffle.com

Buffalo, NY (September) - Balboa workshop weekend event with top instructors and social dancing!

Great Lakes Balboa Escape - www.greatlakesbalboaescape.com

Chicago, IL (August) - A Balboa weekend in Chigago! Includes classes for beginners to advanced with fantastic instructors, competitions, and social dancing. 

Balast Off! - www.balastoff.com

Huntsville, AL (August) - Balboa workshop weekend event with classes, competitions, and social dancing!

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