Dear Dance Family, 

With the COVID-19 measures closing the studio we are unable to conduct the big group classes that pay the rent.

We are working our butts off to keep you dancing and keep the studio afloat through the pandemic. 


If you have been touched by the joy of swing dancing please, please, please (yes we are begging) support one of our initiatives during this time. 

We are a small business facing the real risk of bankruptcy given this unprecedented global pandemic.

It is our hope to continue normal operations and keep bringing you the dance classes you know and love once the risk of the virus has passed. 

To help weather this storm any donations you can make to help us offset the interim expenses would mean the world to us. 

You can donate to our PayPal below. 

Or send an e-transfer directly to

Donations go directly to paying the rent and utilities to keep us from being evicted.

Let's keep the revolution alive! 

Luis & the LHR team

Lindy Hop Revolution