Luis & Natalia

Luis and Natalia started dancing Lindy Hop some years ago in Barcelona and from the first moment they fell in love with it. They started social dancing every night of the week, putting into practice on the dance floor everything they learned in class. They first started teaching at Swing Maniacs in Barcelona. In 2012, they decided it was time to open up their own studio here in Toronto. Local Lindy hoppers appreciate how, through personal feedback and a strong focus on good technique, Luis and Natalia help their students become the best dancers they can be…while still making classes fun! They love traveling across North America and Europe to compete and attend workshops with the best teachers in the world and to meet new people from other swing scenes. They are constantly pushing themselves to become better dancers every single day. 

What do you say, Toronto? Let´s Dance!!!

Here is a list of some of Luis and Natalia's awards so far:

2016 CSC (Montreal)_ 2nd Place Advanced Jack and Jill (Nat)

2016 CSC (Montreal)_ 1st Place Balboa amateur strictly (Luis and Val)

2016 CSC (Montreal)_ Finalist Blues Jack and Jill (Nat)

2016 O-town Showdown (Ottawa)_ 1st Place The Showdown (Luis) 

2016 O-town Showdown (Ottawa)_ 3rd Place The Showdown (Nat) 

2016 O-town Showdown (Ottawa)_ 2nd Place Jill and Jack (Luis) 

2016 O-town Showdown (Ottawa)_ Finalist Jill and Jack (Nat) 

2015 ILHC (Washington DC)_ Finalist Strictly Open (Nat and Luis)

2015 O-town Showdown (Ottawa)_ 2nd Place Jill and Jack (Luis) 

2014 Rocktober (Columbus, Ohio)_ 1st Place Jack and Jill (Luis)
2014 ILHC (Washington DC)_ Finalist Strictly Open (Nat and Luis)
2014 CSC (Montreal)_ 3rd Place Advance Jack and Jill (Luis)
2014 Lindyfest (Houston, Texas)_ Finalist Strictly (Nat and Luis)
2013 Montreal Dance Fest _Finalist Blues Jack and Jill (Luis)
2013 Montreal Dance Fest_ 1st Place Pro-am Jack and Jill (Luis)
2013 Montreal Dance Fest_ 2nd Place Pro-am Jack and Jill (Nat)
2013 Montreal Dance Fest_ Finalist Jack and Jill (Luis)
2013 Montreal Dance Fest_ 2nd Place Strictly Open (Nat and Luis)
2013 Fog City Stomp(San Fracisco, California)_ Finalist Jack and Jill (Luis)
2012 CSC (Montreal)_ Finalist Open Jack and Jill (Luis)
2012 CSC (Montreal)_ 3rd Place cabaret division, solo charleston routine
2012 Swing Maniacs (Barcelona)_ 2nd Place Advance Jack and Jill (Luis)
2011 Swing Maniacs (Barcelona)_ 1st Place Open Jack and Jill (Nat and Luis)
2011 Shout Sister Shout(Rome) _ Finalist Open Jack and Jill (Luis)

Valerie Kitchell

While minding her own business (as she does) Valerie bumped into Swing in Ottawa back in 2003. It took some time, but despite their differences, they’ve become best of friends. Moving to Toronto in 2007, Valerie continued her dance education at the Swing and Tap Academy of Toronto, Hogtown Swing, Pollock Dance Studio, Bees Knees Dance, Gangbusters, T.O. Blues, Mazouka Dance, Joy of Dance, You Can Dance Studios, and Lindy Hop Revolution. She dabbled in other styles along the way, but Valerie loves that Swing is a family of dances that anyone and everyone can find themselves in. While she continues to enjoy the challenge of performing and competing, for Valerie, the joy of Swing dancing lies in the conversation to be had in every dance, between partners and the music. Valerie started travelling for dance with a vengeance in 2008, driven by a desire to continually push herself to learn and grow, and expose herself to the broader scene and different styles of swing dancing, and she’s excited to share her knowledge with you.

Lindsey Lenters

Got your slippery-soled shoes? Some swinging sounds? Ready to sweat? Let’s dance!


Lindsey grew up loving living room dance parties but never imagined herself coordinated enough to learn legitimate moves, let alone dance with another human. One lesson on a hot summer night changed everything. Lindsey instantly fell in love with swing dancing and has been devouring classes, competitions and social dances ever since. 


She competes as part of the Lindy Hop Revolution swing dance team and performs with the vernacular jazz troupe. Lindsey placed 2nd in the Newcomer Jack and Jill and performed a crowd-pleasing original choreography with Jules Nerestant at the 2016 Canadian Swing Championships. 


Lindsey is on a quest to perfect her Suzie Qs (in both directions!) and is delighted to be teaching with Lindy Hop Revolution.

Jules "Hamfats" Nerestant

Jules "Hamfats" Nerestant got into formal dance instruction in the early winter of 2008, learning latin jazz dances and dancing every night of the week (literally) for over three years.

Jules was later introduced to Blues dancing. The clouds parted, the sun shone through and Jules Blues-Hopped Canada and the United States for instruction and competitions. From Ottawa to Seattle, to Montreal, Minneapolis, Rochester... He even rode a Megabus to Washington DC (13-Hour Ride, true story...)

In that time Jules made a promise to a complete stranger (also true story) that he would one day be a beginner Lindy Hopper.

The stars aligned, Jules joined The Revolution and hasn't looked back since.

Cara Dynar

"Swing Fever" is what I have had since that memorable  summer in Vancouver in 1999 when I took my first swing dance class. Starting with East Coast Swing and quickly progressing to Lindy Hop, I knew I was hooked for life. I have tried almost every type of dance out there, but nothing is as fun or exciting for me as Lindy Hop. Hearing the music and feeling the rhythm awakens my soul and calls me to bust out my dance moves- whether I'm social dancing, walking down the street or driving in my car (yes I did pull over- the song was too good to pass up!).  I danced through undergrad, grad school and med school, and co-founded swing dance clubs (Swing Kids) at both UBC and McGill. I also taught Lindy Hop lessons at McGill and I worked with private instructors and attended various dance workshops over the  years, to improve my skills. I believe that no matter what else is going on in life, dancing will always be an essential part of it – I see dancing as a way to enhance self-expression and improve communication. There are many life lessons to be learned through dancing – how to communicate better, how to be sensitive to others and how to truly tune in to where another person is at. At the end of the day, it is a way to enjoy life on another level, where words and intellect no longer run the show! I look forward to having more awesome experiences with all the teachers and students at LHR! 

Johnathan Morin

Johnathan Morin is one of Canada's finest tap dancers on the scene today. Born and raised in Edmonton, Johnathan has been sought out internationally to perform and teach.  Most recently he co produced "Rhythm and Sound" with Cori Giannotta which had 2 sold out shows at the TDC Studio Theatre. In 2015 he was faculty at Tapperfest and the Eastern Canadian Tap Conference in Toronto.In 2014 he was on faculty and performed at the  Vancouver Tap Dance Festival as a principle role in Danny Nielsen’s Love. Be. Best. Free. Previously he made his presence felt in the United States performing with Lisa La Touche's "Tap Phonics" at Tap City's  International Showcase in New York In 2013. He also had the pleasure of tap dancing in the TD Toronto Jazz Festival with the Toronto Rhythm Initiative. Other accolades include 2010 cutting contest champion at the Vancouver Tap Festival, 2nd place in 2010 Northern Star Talent Search and a finalist in the fourth season of SYTYCDC. Johnathan Now lives in Toronto, working as a choreographer with the acclaimed studio "The Tap Dance Centre" and also teaches all around the GTA.

John Descheneau

It was back in Summer 2012 that John was first invited to a blues social dance by an ex-coworker of his. He was hooked on the concept of dancing if a bit clueless as to the execution. A few months of terrible social dancing convinced him he needed to seek out some form of instruction, and the blues community directed him to swing dance classes (for some reason). Showing up to his first class he was hooked and has stuck with swing ever since. 

His journey to becoming progressively less clueless has continued at various studios across Toronto and at workshops and camps across North America (and Sweden!).

He goes social dancing as many nights per week as possible and he loves the energy and kindness of the swing dance scene here in Toronto.

He hopes to be able to help other people on their own journeys by teaching at Lindy Hop Revolution!

Lindy Hop Revolution