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You might have to stay home, but that doesn't mean you have to stop dancing!

While our physical doors are closed, our virtual ones are WIDE OPEN!

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Perfect if:

  • You want a fun workout that you'll actually look forward to

  • You want to learn some cool new skills and moves

  • You want to stay connected to your dance pals

  • You want to take your mind off the news

  • You want to make the most of your time at home

  • You want to support a small, local business


Be part of the ONLINE Revolution!

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Online Classes


Upcoming July Classes

Two brand new Online Video Classes are coming up in July!

Classes start Tuesday, July 7th, 2020. 

Click on the class(es) you want below to register now. 

Don't wait – we need at least 6 pre-registrations to run each one. 

Online Lindy Hop Classes

Online Solo Jazz Classes

Online Choreography Classes

Online Balboa Classes

How Online Classes Work: 

1. All online courses are 4 weeks long (4 video lessons). 

2. Every month we release new courses (above)

- If you register for a new course you will get 1 video class each week on Tuesday, starting on the first Tuesday of the course.

- Videos are pre-recorded. Watch them whenever you want and as many times as you want once they are released. 

- You will be invited to join a private Facebook group for your class. So you can ask questions, share videos, get instructor feedback, and connect with your virtual classmates!

3. Past courses are available in our online course library below. 

- You will get all 4 videos at once. You can watch them at your own pace as many times as you want. 

4. Price is $75 CAD + tax per course. This is the total for all 4 weeks. Total 4 videos.  


To Register for an Online Class: 

1. Look at the list of courses being offered. 

2. Click on the product button for the course(s) you want to take to register and pay. 

3. You will receive an email on the first day of the course (for new courses) or within 48hrs for library courses.

Can't wait to virtually dance with you!



Perth - Australia

Before taking the class I wanted to stay connected to a dance community (even one on the other side of the world!), and keep challenging my dancing.


The class was great at giving me more confidence with my solo jazz, although its challenging the feedback and encouragement is very positive motivation.


I would definitely recommend the classes, Luis is clearly passionate about his teaching and encouraging to get the best out of each student. I also think the facebook groups are great, to see everyone else practicing and to get direct feedback and encouragement is really motivating and helps maintain a real connection.



I wasn't sure about taking online classes but thought I would give it a try because I've really been missing dance.

The online classes have kept me honest! I want to post a video each week so I need to practice and practicing is helping to keep my spirits up. Also, seeing the videos makes me realize what I would like to improve immediately.


I  highly recommend this as a way to stay active and engaged.


Before taking online classes with Luis, I was sitting at home, depressed about the lack of dance in my life. Swing dancing has been so important for my mental, physical, and emotional health since I started three years ago, and facing months on end with no in-person classes felt desperately bleak.


These online classes got me up off my butt, out of my funk, and back to working on my jazz moves! I now once again have dance goals to work towards every single week, so that I can continue to improve my dancing skills in quarantine and come back to the social floor with some sweet new skills after all this is over.


Thank you Luis for bringing the joy of dance back into my life during these dark times!


To anyone considering these classes, I will say it is one of the absolute best decisions you can make for your mind, body, and soul right now.

See you on the (virtual) dance floor!!


I and my husband Tony started dancing Lindy Hop a couple of years ago at a different studio in Toronto, then we joined LHR. Taking classes with Luis and Stephanie was always fun!

Taking in-person classes, we were always rushing to learn new moves, and we didn’t pay much attention to technique. Now, we got a real chance to work on it!

Watching videos of myself is quite disappointing, but how else can I improve?



Since I don't have a partner to practice with at home, I wanted to take this opportunity to work on my solo dancing.


Luis' solo classes have been a super fun challenge! In the past I rarely filmed my dance practice, but having the goal of sharing a video of myself each week has been a game-changer. It motivates me, keeps me accountable, and enables me to critique my own dancing much more effectively.


I've also really enjoyed the online group format, where we get to see everyone else's practice videos (and their pets), joke around, and encourage each other.


If you're looking for a little fun, accountability and sense of community, I definitely recommend trying a class!


Richmond -  USA

With so many live stream classes happening across the internet, I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to structure my time to fit them in.


With Luis I can learn on my own schedule and at my own pace, while still enjoying interaction and camaraderie with my fellow students through our private online group pages.


Before class with Luis, I knew a few classic jazz routines and a bunch of “moves.” These online classes have challenged me to learn new combinations, to rethink the moves I thought I knew and to simply listen to the music and dance.

Photo credit: Devon Rowland



Before taking an online lesson with Luis I had no idea how much practice I could do myself at home. I would go to my weekly class and practice nothing to very little along the week, because I wasn't at the studio.


After taking an online lesson with Luis what has changed? Being in quarantine forced me to find alternatives that now I know I can apply forever.

Practicing at home and recording videos helped me see and track my progress.

Getting personal feedback is helping me pay attention to the details on my dancing. Also, watching my colleagues videos helps a lot on improving and having new ideas on the moves.


If you're shy, this is a great opportunity to try and start by yourself following a great teacher!

Luis really takes the time to go over each move and give really great tips. Once you start sharing with the group, you will find really receptive people encouraging each other. Finding it difficult to follow? Just pause, go back and try again as many times you want. Still don't understand something? Just post your question and you'll get your answers. Take the same class all over again until you feel confident. Didn't have the time this week? The videos are still available. Never miss a class!


If you're still not convinced, take a good look at the class assistant, Lex!

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