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Dance Training

Want to quickly hone in on what will make your dancing better?

If a pro instructor could watch you dance and break down exactly what you need to do next, would you be interested? 

Wish you could get feedback like this without leaving the house? 

Online video training with Luis is now available!

Luis is an international swing dance instructor who specializes in Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Solo Jazz. His students love his ability to quickly analyze and provide helpful feedback and exercises in his lessons.


His bright smile, positive attitude, and love of teaching shine through in every lesson.


Choose from the options below to get useful feedback and actionable next steps for your dancing!

Online Personal Dance Training Options

Online Video Review

  • Send a video of you dancing (can be a practice video, social dance video, or competition video)

  • Luis will carefully review and suggest 5 areas you can look at personally improving

  • Chose any 2 of these areas

  • You will receive a video breakdown of actionable ways to work on the 2 areas you choose. 

$50 CAD (+tax)

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Online 1/2 Hour Private Lesson

  • 2-way live stream video lesson

  • Dance, get feedback, make adjustments, and ask all your burning questions in real-time

$75 CAD (+tax)

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Online Mentorship Package

  • 1 initial video review (5 areas for improvement suggested). Choose 2 and receive a video breakdown with actionable steps to work on these 2 areas.

  • One 1/2 hour online private lesson

  • A second online video review. Same format as the first one. 

$150 CAD (+tax)

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Before taking a private lesson with Luis I felt I really hit a plateau in my dancing.


Even though I had been dancing for 5 years, everytime I went to a workshop I kept feeling like a total beginner and overwhelmed with what I should focus on to improve my dancing.


Luis gave me a new focus on my fundamentals that really changed the game for me. Working with him made me enjoy social dancing more than ever!

One of the biggest challenges I face as a learner is knowing what to focus on next. I know there are things that need work, but there is so much else that I am completely unaware of.


A single private with Luis opened my eyes to tendencies in my dancing I'd never realized I'd acquired. Focused and cheerful, Luis helped me identify key concepts I needed to work on. In the span of an hour, Luis answered every question I brought and many more that I didn't even know I should be asking.


At this point, it's absolutely clear to me that if my goal is to grow as a dancer, then privates lessons should be my top priority. Dancing is better now. With stronger fundamentals, I can focus more on the conversation I'm having with my partner, and the music.


Luis' patience, focus, and love of the dance really set him apart in my mind – and it shows the whole way through.


I recently took my first private lesson ever after 5 years of social dancing and taking group swing dance classes around Toronto. Luis made the experience very fun and comfortable. I asked for a general assessment of my dancing and key areas to focus on improving.


After watching me social dance with a partner he quickly picked out some areas of improvement and gave specific tips and drills I could practice at home to improve these areas. He also gave some great feedback about swing out technique and general aesthetics that will improve the overall look and feel of my dancing.

In the lesson we worked on applying these techniques correctly and I could see the difference immediately. It will take some practice to make these techniques part of my regular social dancing but I left this lesson inspired to practice and improve. It was valuable to have a professional set of eyes quickly hone in on these points!


Highly recommend private lessons with Luis for dancers taking group classes to periodically check in on their overall technique and get specific personal feedback!


Don’t wait! I wish I had done this years ago!

Taking private lessons with Luis both individually and with a partner has been pivotal in helping me significantly improve my swing dancing.


I had been dancing Lindy Hop for just over a year when I started noticing this amazing dance called Balboa and I knew I had to learn it. At the time, I was travelling for work every week and taking classes on weekday evenings wasn't an option.


In the span of two private lessons, Luis and I had covered what would have normally taken a full season of classes and I already felt confident in using what I had learned in social dancing.


Since then, I have continued to take private lessons with Luis with my partner in both Lindy Hop and Balboa. The feedback that Luis has given us is invaluable each time and every comment has positive ripple effects on the rest of our dancing.


I genuinely appreciate having Luis as a supporter in my dancing and can't speak highly enough about him as an incredible teacher and mentor to myself and many others in the Toronto swing dance community!

Since I started dancing Lindy Hop I have always been looking for ways to improve and enrich my dancing. However it is extremely difficult to do on your own without a mentor.


Private with Luis Arredondo gave me a boost and ability to look at my dancing from another point of view and think about aspects I never thought of. It was to the point, efficient and extremely useful.


I will definitely practice and dance using methodologies and exercises from the private.


Highly recommend this wonderful dancer and a great teacher!

I finally decided to try private lessons because I felt really stuck with my dancing. After over 2 years of taking classes, I felt that I could do all the moves that I wanted but something was just missing and certain moves just didn’t feel quite right.


I didn’t know how to go from feeling like a beginner to feeling comfortable, and I was incredibly frustrated that I’d never meaningfully improve beyond where I was despite how much I practiced and how much a social dancing I did.


Luis was able to break down for me exactly what I was missing, and gave me concrete exercises to target those issues. He patiently explained and practiced with me the fundamentals and magic of connection with me until I got those “aha!” moments and realized “ohhhh THIS is how it’s supposed to feel!”


Now I feel like I understand much better what exactly I need to do to take my dancing to the next level, and I’ve signed up for another batch of private lessons with him!


To anyone on the fence about trying private lessons with Luis, it’s hard to quantify but I would say you will get as much or more out of one private lesson as you will get out of 6 weeks of a group class (even though the group classes are amazing!). So honestly, it’s a deal.

I came to Luis feeling stuck in my Lindy Hop, and like my quality of movement was always going to hold me back.


He worked with me with creativity, patience, and amazing energy, and dug to the root of the issues I was facing.


He left me with direction and specific exercises I could work on to continue to improve as a dancer, and feeling like I had a path forward.


He excels at working with people to find the things holding them back and can help you no matter where you are in your dance journey!

Before taking private lessons with Luis, I was lacking technique and connection in balboa that I really wanted. I wanted to take group lessons but was unsure of which level to join as I had been social dancing for a while.


I’m not going to lie, I was pretty nervous going into private lessons–it felt like such a vulnerable thing to do. But Luis made me feel super comfortable and offered me excellent feedback and clear, tangible instructions on how to improve my dancing.


I feel so much more comfortable in my balboa connection and technique after having only a couple of private lessons with Luis. Things have clicked so quickly and I feel much more empowered, at ease, and joyful when I am dancing.


If you’re unsure about whether or not to take a lesson with Luis, I would say definitely go for it. What may seem vulnerable and scary will go away because I’m certain that his professionalism and passion for dance will show through and make you feel super comfortable, as it made me feel.


His love for dancing is infectious and his teaching and feedback will keep you feeling challenged, but never overwhelmed.

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