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Meet your teachers_Chapter one Luis & Natalia

Hi all!

We are really happy to have the first official post in our new blog. We are going to use this platform to share with you all kinds of information, from presenting our team, to sharing ideas or news. This is part of what we call


We have been teaching in Toronto for more than four years and now we have decided to take the next step. It all started as a side project - an excuse for us to push our dancing and improve as partners. Now we are offering four days of regular classes in different styles, as well as competitive teams and plenty of private lessons and workshops. We have now a team of nine teachers, a new website (it was time!) and we are really looking forward to continuing this adventure with all of you!

But first things first: Who are Luis and Natalia?

This is us ;P

We are couple from Spain (Natalia is from Mataro, a city north of Barcelona, and Luis was born in Zaragoza). By day, Luis is an Architect and Natalia is a Scientist, and by night we are avid lindy hoppers. We started dancing in Barcelona around 2010 - swing dancing there is intense! Every day there is social dance and all year round you can go to free dances in the streets. This is what makes the scene grow non-stop! (Interesting fact: our former studio where we started teaching, Swing Manics, now more than 5000 students).

We both loved the dance from the beginning. We were so addicted to it that we were crossing paths in every social dance but without having the chance to meet. In February of 2011, destiny brought us together: we both signed up for a friendly competition...and we WON!!

Check the video below. (We are the couple on the right... and yes Luis is wearing suspenders with a running t-shirt). We have improved a lot since then ;P

After that day we became really good friends and soon started teaching together. It was a great time - we were taking classes every day and traveling around Europe to different workshops.

We came to Canada in 2011 for what was supposed to be a nine-month period...but here we are! Loving Toronto!

We opened the studio in 2012 with only two students! We enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue with it. We have traveled a lot around North America, learning from the best teachers and doing competitions. We have been lucky enough to be in a lot of finals and even win some prizes. This was a scary one...International Lindy Hop Championships 2015

There are plenty more videos of different competitions, including some with our teams, on the blog.

Now it's 2016 and we are ready for more challenges. We are working on our dancing more than ever and really want to make the Toronto scene grow and glow. The studio doors are open...JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!

*** Last second update! We just won the Amateur Classic Lindy Division at Camp Hollywood!

We are looking forward to dance with you!! REVOLUTION!!

Lindy Hop Revolution