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8 Powerful Ways Swing Dancing Can Improve Your Life

Updated: Feb 23

On the fence about joining a swing dance class?

Or do you keep putting it off?

Not sure if it will be worth your time and money?

Taking a dance class is so much more than just learning to dance. Here are 8 powerful ways learning to Swing Dance can improve your life:

1. A Workout That Doesn’t Feel Like A Workout

Hate going to the gym?

Swing is an athletic dance. Dancing song after song is a great aerobic workout!

Dancing improves your balance, coordination, reflexes and conditions your whole body!

Your Fitbit step count score will soar!

But unlike a cardio machine at the gym, you will be having so much fun that the time flies. If you want a fun way to get exercise this year - swing dance!

Photo by Alex Rodionov

2. Expand Your Social Circle

How many new people do you meet in your day-to-day life?

If you are like most people, not that many.

Swing dancing has a knack for attracting a diverse and interesting mix of people.

At a social dance you typically dance every song with a different person. This means in an evening you could meet 20, 30, 40 or more new people!

You might meet:

- The doctor with an obsession for houseplants

- The accordion player who has published several comic books

- The stage manager for a major theater production

- Every type of software developer

- Every type of engineer

- Acupuncturists

- PhD students

- A construction worker who knows every jazz band in town

- Someone here on a work Visa from the UK, Ireland, South Korea, Australia, or Russia

- Writers

- City planners

- Baristas

- Firefighters

- Flight attendants

- ...And the list goes on!

(These are all real examples from our lovely Toronto community!)

These people are potential friends you have not met yet! And people who you would likely never cross paths with otherwise in your day to day life.

When you start swing dancing you join a community filled with interesting people to meet!

Toronto Dancers attend the Trenton Big Band Festival. Photo by Jesse Goulah.

3. Got Stress?

Want a shortcut to melting stress away?

Swing dancing forces you to be in the moment.

You are listening to the music.

You are connecting to your partner.

You are completely focused on the present moment.

This makes you forget your other worries and stresses of the day. Swing is playful, lighthearted, and fun and after a few steps you are laughing and smiling. After an hour of laughing, smiling, you feel pretty darn great, no matter what kind of day you had before walking in.

Photo by Alex Rodionov

4. Become Part of a Global Club

Ok, it’s not an official club.

But swing dancing is not only a welcoming community here in Toronto. It is a welcoming community in hundreds of cities around the world.

This means that when you travel you can look-up the local Swing Dance community in that city. Most communities run some sort of weekly social dance that you can drop-in to. And when you do you instantly have a few dozen new friends who are locals in that city!

Plus - visitors from other parts of the world drop into the Toronto social dances all the time!

You can even travel to dance workshop weekends, camps (yes dance camps for adults), and big events worldwide. These events happen all the time and attract loads of people looking for a fun holiday!

Toronto Dancers at Swing Out New Hampshire! Photo by Morgan Petroski Photography.

5. Swing Dance is a Jungle Gym For Your Brain

Have you heard people say that dancing makes you smarter?

This is because learning to dance builds new connections in your brain. It engages many different parts of your brain at the same time - the kinesthetic, musical, and emotional parts.

It requires split-second decision-making with every move.

And learning new moves boosts your memory!

Smart people are attracted to swing dancing because every song is like a game for your brain!

Swing Dancers vs Street Dance Battle in Toronto!

6. Experience Rewarding Personal Growth

Imagine looking back at the end of the year and being proud of the new skills you have learned.

Taking regular classes in dance means are you are going to build and improve your skill level. Even if you walk in with two left feet and no sense of rhythm. Even if you have never danced before in your life. Taking progressive classes will grow your abilities.

The first step to learning a new skill is registering for your first class.

Group Beginner Class. Photo by Alex Rodionov.

7. Participate In A Unique Cultural Artform

The history of swing dancing is fascinating.

It developed in the Harlem, New York City in the late 1920s during the Harlem Renaissance. This was a time where African American culture was changing and flourishing.

The energy was infectious and it swept the nation and then the world.

Learning about, and respecting the cultural roots, adds a great depth to this dance.

Big Apple Dancers - Lucille Middleton & Frankie Manning. 1938.

8. Enjoy All The Live Jazz Music Toronto Has To Offer - In A New Way!

Toronto is home to some fantastic jazz musicians.

You can go out and catch live music almost every day of the week.

And - many venues have space to dance. Reservoir Lounge, Grossman’s Tavern, Cameron House, and The Local are a few favourite spots for dancers.

Plus - every Saturday night there is a big social dance with a live band at Dovercourt House. (Check out Swing Toronto for details!) You can make plans to go out with friends. Or often just show up and join in the fun with whoever is there dancing already!

Dancing is a great way to appreciate and interact with the music and the bands!

The GTA Swing Band playing at a Lindy Hop Revolution monthly social dance! Photo by Alex Rodionov.

Do you want in on all this good stuff?

Check out our current schedule of beginner classes >>click here<< to choose the class that fits your schedule!

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