Intro to 1920s Solo Charleston

Intro to 1920s Solo Charleston

Format: 4-Class Online Video Course that you can complete at your own pace

Level: Open


Want to cut a rug with the best of them? It’s the 20s again and the perfect time to add some of these dandy steps to your dancing. You’ll start with the basics and build up to some fancy kicks, arms and styling in this 4-week course.


Perfect way to get off the couch, learn something new, and get some exercise!  


Videos are pre-recorded. You have access to watch all the videos as many times as you want at whatever time is convenient to you. 


Channel your inner flapper or rum-runner and join us!

When you join a real person will send you an email with the course video links!  (After doing a little happy dance.) We're working on getting an instant-automation set-up in the future.

Intro to 1920s Solo Charleston


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