Aerial Workshop - The Knickerbocker!

Monday July 23 - Aerials - The Knickerbocker - 8:30-10PM


Ready to fly?


We are going to learn the KNICKERBOCKER aerial during this 1.5 hour workshop!


Bring your own partner, we won't rotate in class. If you don't have a partner and you really want to do the course, we can help you find a good match, send us an email to


REMEMBER: Any acrobatic movement is stressful for your body and potentially dangerous. Many dancers (even more experienced dancers) injure themselves while training for aerials. Be sure to be physically fit to the kind of aerials we will propose in the training and consult your doctor to be sure you are in the condition to do lifts and jumps.

Aerial Workshop - The Knickerbocker!


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