Balboa 1.2 Tuesdays

Balboa 1.2 - Fundamentals (6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Balboa 1.1 (or equivalent)

Date: Tuesdays - Feb 18 - Mar 24

Frequency: 1 class per week

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm (1.5 hr classes)

This course will expand on the moves that were introduced in Balboa 1.1. You will focus on how to transition into and out of these moves smoothly and confidently. You will also start building your Pure Bal vocabulary. You should be comfortable dancing the downhold and uphold basics, and familiar with simple toss outs, out & ins, lollies and swivels to take this course. 

Balboa 1.2 Tuesdays

  • Refund Policy

    If you purchase a multi-week course, a drop-in class, a private lesson, or a pack of private lessons you can ask for a refund 24 hours before the first class in the series happens or 24 hours before the drop-in or private lesson if your plans change. Refunds are not available after this time. 

    There is a $5 cancellation fee to cover administration and online fees. 

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