Balboa for Lindy Hoppers!

Balboa for Lindy Hoppers

Wednesday Dec 11 - 7pm-8:30pm (1.5hr)
Prerequisites: Swing 1.1 or equivalent
Price: $30 per person. Want to take more than 1 workshop this December? Special deals - 4-Pack for $100 / 6-Pack for $140 (pack is good for 1 person only)


Lindy Hoppers! Do you see people dancing Balboa on the social floor and think it looks like fun? Curious about this “other” swing dance? This workshop will explore the common elements between Lindy Hop and Bal Swing and highlight some of the main differences! If you love to Swing Out just wait until you try a Toss Out! Register today!

Balboa for Lindy Hoppers!


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