Super Leaders & Follower III
Format: 4-week online video course - 1 video per week on Tuesdays - Solo Skills. Videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime and as many times as you want once they are released.
Level: Super Leaders & Followers I, II, and III are all considered the same level. The content is just different (there is a lot of amazing stuff and we had to spread it out over 3 different courses!). It is highly recommended that you take I & II before taking III as we will be referencing some of the skills from the earlier courses.
Starts: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Price: $75 CAD + tax


SL/SF III is droppin’ more dance gems. The goal is to tune your body into a lean, mean, swing dancing machine. Packed with new drills, technique tips, and solo challenges Luis is holding nothing back. Download his knowledge to your brain. Then train it into your body. This 4-week course will give you the tools to do it. Join us!

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