Super Leaders & Super Followers - II

Super Leaders & Super Followers - II

Format: 4-week online video course - 1 video per week on Tuesdays - Solo Skills. Videos are pre-recorded so you can watch them anytime and as many times as you want once they are released. 

Level: Open - Challenges for all skill levels

Starts: Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Price: $75 CAD + tax


Psst…you want the good stuff? The stuff that separates the amateur dancers from the advanced dancers? The skills and secrets that make your social dancing both look and feel amazing? This 4-week course is a continuation of Super Leaders & Super Followers I. You’ll dive deeper down the swing rabbit hole. Along the way, you’ll gather more pro tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to incorporate them into your own dancing. Plus–weekly challenges to get you moving! Join us! 

Super Leaders & Super Followers - II


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