Swing 1 Special

Swing 1 Special
4-class online video course that you can take at your own pace. 

Level: Open to Swing 1 students or higher. Must have completed at least Swing 0. 


Lindy 1 Friends! This special 4-class online course is just for you. We’ve dipped into the Lindy Vault and pulled out some of our favourite moves that are usually only reserved for special workshops. This is content you won’t see in your regular 6-week swing classes! It will be a mix of partnered moves and solo skills to help you lead and follow a variety of iconic Lindy Hop shapes! 


When you join a real person will send you an email with the course video links!  (After doing a little happy dance.) We're working on getting an instant-automation set-up in the future.

Swing 1 Special


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