Swing 2.2 Tuesdays

ENROLLMENT UPDATE: Sold Out for Followers. Still space for leaders!


Swing 2.2 - Mastering the Swing Out (6 weeks)

Prerequisite: Swing 2.1 (or equivalent)

Dates: Tuesdays - Feb 18 - Mar 24

Frequency: 1 class per week

Time: 8:30-10pm (1.5 hour classes)


As a swing dancer, the swing out is THE iconic dance move in your repertoire. 


But did you know there is more than 1 kind of swing out? In this course, you’ll learn the different kinds of swing outs. You’ll also learn lots of juicy technique tips to really master each one. 


Want some flashly swing out stylings to show off? Guess what, this course has that too! 


At the end of the 6-weeks, your swing out will be transformed from basic to BADASS!


Our most popular Swing 2 course - if you see this one on the schedule sign-up fast - it usually sells out!

Swing 2.2 Tuesdays

  • Refund Policy

    If you purchase a multi-week course, a drop-in class, a private lesson, or a pack of private lessons you can ask for a refund 24 hours before the first class in the series happens or 24 hours before the drop-in or private lesson if your plans change. Refunds are not available after this time. 

    There is a $5 cancellation fee to cover administration and online fees. 

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