Swing DJ 101 - Talk 

Tuesday Dec 10 - 7pm-8:30pm (1.5hr)
Prerequisites: Open to Everyone!

Please Bring: Your own mug to help us cut down on waste and any snacks you would like to share!
Price: $30 per person. Want to take more than 1 workshop this December? Special deals - 4-Pack for $100 / 6-Pack for $140 (pack is good for 1 person only)


Do you love swing music? Curious about dipping your toe into the world of DJing? Or just want to learn more about the music you love? Pull up a chair on Tuesday Dec 10th and join the first ever DJ 101 talk at LHR! We will have complimentary hot beverages so you can have a tea, coffee, hot chocolate while learning about the different styles of swing music, how to organize you music library for DJing or even just for your own practice at home, best practices for pleasing a crowd of dancers that includes all dance skill levels, how to define your personal voice as a DJ, and more! Register today! 

Swing DJ 101 - Talk


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