Swing Nerd Technique Secrets

Time: Tuesday Dec 17 -7pm-8:30pm (1.5hr)
Prerequisites: Swing 1.3 or equivalent
Price: $30 per person.

Want to take more than 1 workshop this December? Special deals - 4-Pack for $100 / 6-Pack for $140 (pack is good for 1 person only)


Lindy Hoppers! Do you love geeking out about dancing? Do you get excited every time your teachers give you a little technique tip that you can apply right away to improve your dancing? Your regular weekly classes include some technique gems, but the technique rabbit hole is deep my friends. There is more! Do you want to come down this rabbit hole and leave with some tips and tricks to make your Lindy better than before? Join us for this special Lindy Hop Swing Nerd Workshop! Register today! 

Swing Nerd Technique Secrets!


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