Swing 0 Mondays

Swing 0 Beginner Course (6 weeks)

Dates: Monday February 24th to Monday March 30th

Time: 7pm-8pm 

Frequency: 1 class per week

Format: 1 Hour Class 7pm-8pm + 1/2 Hour Guided Practice 8:00-8:30pm 

Learn the basics of Lindy Hop in 6 classes!


Learn the 8-count Lindy Hop basic step, and some fun social moves, in just 6 weeks! 

Lindy Hop is the original swing dance from the 1930’s that is still wildly popular around the world today! 


Your instructors clearly break down all the steps. So even if you have never danced before in your life you will feel comfortable in this class! 


The best part - since swing is a social dance we focus on having fun and connecting with other people! You rotate partners during the class like you would at a social dance so you get to know everyone. This means you don’t need to bring your own partner! 


After the 1 hour of class instruction, there is ½ hour of guided practice time. During this ½ hour  you can continue dancing with your classmates and with the teachers. It is the perfect time to work on your new moves! 


Your class includes a video recap so you can practice at home. 


At the end of the course you will be ready to go out social dancing! Many people just like you have been surprised with how they “feel like a dancer” after taking this class! 


Register today and make Mondays the best night of the week!

Price is per person.

Swing 0 Mondays

  • Refund Policy

    If you purchase a multi-week course, a drop-in class, a private lesson, or a pack of private lessons you can ask for a refund 24 hours before the first class in the series happens or 24 hours before the drop-in or private lesson if your plans change. Refunds are not available after this time. 


    There is a $5 cancellation fee to cover administration and online fees. 

    Course Cancellation

    Lindy Hop Revolution reserves the right to cancel a course if it has not enrolled enough students (min 4 couples per course) before the first class. In the case of course cancellation, all enrolled students are notified by email and given a full refund of the course fee or credit towards another course.

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