Solo Jazz

Authentic Solo Jazz is all about moving your body to the music, without a partner, using classic steps from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s!


There are dozens of classic solo steps from the swing era–and we teach them all in action-packed hour-long classes! 


Get the steps, technique, transitions, and lots of tools for rhythm and being playful in your solo dancing.


Taking a solo jazz class is a great way to improve your partnered dancing. This is because it helps develop your sense of rhythm, body awareness, and style! 

You can also use solo steps as variations in your partner dancing!

Scroll down for some videos of our students performing Solo Jazz routines. 

Solo Jazz Classes

​Classes run in 6-week seasons. Go to our Weekly Group Classes page to register. 

You can choose from 2 levels:  


Solo Jazz 1
Foundations of Solo Jazz

Perfect if you want to learn and polish the basic steps. Each season will cover a fun selection of classic moves! This group is mixed level–with beginner and advanced dancers alike working on their solo skills! 


Solo Jazz 2

Grow Your Solo Jazz

Ready for a challenge? You’ll push your creativity and give both your mind and body a workout in this action-packed class! Go beyond the basics and learn to speak jazz with your body! 

Each season the Solo Jazz 2 group has a special topic theme. Check out the current schedule and click on this class for a description of the current theme!

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