Curious About Swing Dancing?

Picture this: You are at an event and a GREAT song comes on. Your toes start tapping, your fingers start snapping, and your whole body is just ITCHING to move to the music! You confidently step onto the dance floor, ask someone you have never met before to dance, and channel all of your energy into dancing with this brand new friend. YOU ARE ALIVE and living in the MOMENT. Laughing and sharing this song with another person! You can’t believe how much JOY swing dancing has brought to your life and how many new and wonderful people are now in your social circle!


This OCTOBER you can take your first step towards enriching your life with Swing Dancing. Join a FREE TASTER CLASS in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, or Authentic Solo Jazz! You can come to as many as you want!



Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Solo Jazz are all swing dances from the original swing era (1920-40s) and teaching them is our passion. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we want to share that with you! 


PLUS - If you attend one of our taster classes you will get a special discount on our regular 6-Week Beginner classes that start the week of October 28th! 

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Free Taster Class


Tues. Oct 22nd - Charleston - 6pm-7pm

Tues. Oct 22nd - Lindy Hop - 7pm-8pm

Tues. Oct 22nd - Balboa - 8pm-9pm

Wed. Oct 23rd - Lindy Hop - 6pm-7pm

Wed. Oct 23rd - Charleston - 7pm-8pm

Wed. Oct 23rd - Solo Jazz - 8pm-9pm

Location: Lindy Hop Revolution Studio

374 Dupont Street, 2nd Floor, 

Toronto, ON

Classes are DROP-IN! You don't need to sign-up in advance - just show up a few minutes early to sign-in!

No partner required! These are social dances and we rotate partners frequently in the lessons!

No experience required! We teach adults who are complete beginners! 

Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes to wear on the dance floor and bring a water bottle! (Comfortable, flat shoes work best!)

Be ready to move and have fun! See why swing dance makes people happy!


Lindy Hop Revolution