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Dance Class? 

Not sure if swing dancing is for you?


Have you always wanted to learn how to dance but don’t have a partner?


Do you want to get some great exercise without going to the gym?


Wish you could meet new smart, interesting people just like you on a regular basis?


Curious how learning to dance can transform your social life

STOP feeling like you have two left feet and START learning your first steps! Join a welcoming class with the friendliest teachers in town! You’ll surprise yourself with your abilities! 


STOP waiting for a partner or friend to sign up with you and START being the person who jumps in solo! Swing dance is a social dance where you dance every song with a new person and you rotate partners in class–so you never need to bring your own partner. In fact–70% of people come solo! 


Say BYE BYE to the cardio machine at the gym and HELLO to an hour flying by while you are dancing and laughing in class. Dancing is good for your body and soul!


NO LONGER wonder where you need to go to meet cool, new people and make friends. FINALLY a hobby where you can meet a steady stream of diverse and interesting people. People that you would never have crossed paths with in your regular activities!


If you could go somewhere where you felt welcome, included, and valued as a human being as soon as you walked in the door would you want to go there? Keep an eye on our newsletter for details on the next Lindy Hop Revolution Open House. We can’t wait to meet you!

At our Open House you can try a FREE TASTER CLASS in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, or Authentic Solo Jazz! You can come to as many as you want!

Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Solo Jazz are all swing dances from the original swing era (1920-40s) and teaching them is our passion. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we want to share that with you! 


PLUS - If you attend one of our taster classes you will get a special discount on our regular 6-Week Beginner classes! 

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Periodically we run an Open House with Free Taster Classes (3-4 times a year). 

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Don't want to wait for the next one? Come to our Monthly Party! The drop-in class at the start is the perfect time to give swing a try! 

Location: Lindy Hop Revolution Studio

374 Dupont Street, 2nd Floor, 

Toronto, ON

Taster classes are DROP-IN! You don't need to sign-up in advance - just show up a few minutes early to sign-in!

No partner required! These are social dances and we rotate partners frequently in the lessons!

No experience required! We teach adults who are complete beginners! 

Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes to wear on the dance floor and bring a water bottle! (Comfortable, flat shoes work best!)

Be ready to move and have fun! See why swing dance makes people happy!


Lindy Hop Revolution